Monday, July 23, 2012

Fresh Picked

Fresh Picked
Yes Yes! You could go to the supermarket and buy those
firm un-natural tomatoes but you will surely regret it as soon as you get home.
They might feel all firm and plump but just one bite will tell you that you made the
wrong decision. Now take us for example...We are fresh picked. Fresh picked
from your neighbors garden with permission of course. Fresh picked the only way to go...
5x7 oil on canvas panel.
For sale at my DPW gallery follow the link to purchase via PayPal.


ashok said...

lovely work!

Carol Blackburn said...

Love going to the farmer's market....such wonderful and fresh produce. Salad anyone?

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Wonderful painting Angela, and I love your portrait on the sidebar.
You look beautiful.
Thank you for visiting, sorry I have been away, but am working in the kitchen and is taking me longer than I had thought..
Have a wonderful week.

Nan Johnson said...

Love the brush strokes in this, and those lovely shades of color. Very nice piece!